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Connection Options

Changes how the realtime 2 way connection between the client and Discord's Gateway WebSockets Server behaves.

Gateway Version

You can set this by switching between different Git branches of the library's repo. You can't set the gateway version using code as the library doesn't account for differences between version. For versions that Discord supports, check out the Discord API docs. For Git branches of this library, check out the GitHub repo.


Filters what information Discord sends to the client. Click here for a list of available Intents.


Required for v8 and up

Client client("token", SleepyDiscord::USER_CONTROLED_THREADS);
auto intentsList = {
SleepyDiscord::Intent::SERVER_MESSAGES, //required for commands via messages
SleepyDiscord::Intent::SERVER_VOICE_STATES, //required for connecting to voice
client.setIntents(intentsList);; //call setIntents before calling run
Client client("token", SleepyDiscord::USER_CONTROLED_THREADS);
);; //call setIntents before calling run


Makes Discord send Zlib compressed WebSockets to save bandwidth but with a cost, CPU and some RAM at runtime. In most situations, this might be worth turning on.


You need to set USE_ZLIB_NG to ON in CMake for this to work.

Client client("token", SleepyDiscord::USER_CONTROLED_THREADS);
client.useCompression(true);; //call useCompression before calling run


Lets you split up your bots' operations by splitting the list of Discord servers that each connection handles. This can be done by running multiple instances of your Client with the same token but different shard IDs.

Client client("token", SleepyDiscord::USER_CONTROLED_THREADS);
client.setShardID(0, 2); //the first parameter is the shardID; //call setShardID before run

//somewhere else
Client client("token", SleepyDiscord::USER_CONTROLED_THREADS); //Same token
client.setShardID(1, 2); //different shardID but same shardCount;

For more information on sharding, check the Discord API Docs.