Sleepy Flower Girl


I'm an amateur computer programmer who enjoys programming in C and C++. I like studying the complexities of how computers operate to improve the software and technology of tomorrow.

Repositories This website View on GitHub
sleepy-discord C++ library for the Discord chat client View on GitHub
is-your-waifu-legal Check if your waifu is legal or not View on GitHub
you-are-crazy-rich-game You have a lot of money, spend it as fast as you can View on GitHub
compile-time-game-of-life-wasm Conway's Game of Life that can run during compile time and on the web View on GitHub
Tetris-Clone View on GitHub
Unofficial-Discord-3DS-Client A simple unofficial Discord client to use as an example View on GitHub


Playing DOOM as my Math Project 10 Aug 2019
Sleepy Discord Turns 3 Years Old 30 May 2019
Happy birthday to Sleepy Discord 27 Nov 2018